I Am Cave Woman!

April 9, 2015 I am cave woman with my cow leg club (1)

April 9, 2015 I am cave woman with my cow leg club (2)

I hunted, I found, I ate and then made my cow leg club! Uggg!

Okay actually on of the dogs found this somewhere. Probably over on the CRP land to the west. Patches was gnawing on it and I got a crazy and wild thought to be silly. It is a cow bone and Hubby said it would make a heck of a club. And it would too. I decided I would be the one to hit my mate over the head and drag him off by the hair. 😀


Stay Safe and God Bless!


10 responses to “I Am Cave Woman!

  1. Wow, what a club, Cheryl! LOL Love the photos! I can’t say as that I’ve ever seen a leg bone that big before. Well, it has to be giving the dogs an excellent place to sharpen and clean their teeth, 🙂 Have a great day — and be kind with that weapon … I mean, “bone,” 😉

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  2. Thank you Debra. It was a wild and crazy moment and I took advantage of it. It is from a cow’s leg. We did take it away because Bear and Patch get to fighting sometimes over things like that. Have a good day. 🙂

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  3. No cows where I live.. Darn! No club for me then. 😥
    But then again, my fiancé is too big for me to drag off by his hair. I’ll just lure him in with food.

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