2 responses to “Why Bathing Your Cat Might Not Be a Bad Idea | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

  1. Zoey the Cool Cat gets a semi-annual bath because of her excessively dry skin. If I don’t bathe her every six months, she started scratching herself until she’s raw and bloody. It’s not a pretty site.

    The first time I bathed her, she howled like it was her last day on Earth. I had left the doors and windows open—this IS San Diego after all—and just minute after the bath had ended, along with her howling, four police officers show up at my door. They said there had been multiple reports of howling and screaming. I explained to them that I had given my cat a bath and they demanded to see the evidence. Thankfully, Zoey the Cool Cat still looked ragged but they understood.

    That was seven years ago. Ever since then, when Zoey the Cool Cat gets a bath, the doors and windows magically close………..

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