3 responses to “ Service Dog Trained by Inmates Helps Little Boy

  1. I loved it too!

    I have a good friend that trains service dogs. She works for within a doctors office. When the doctor built his new facility, he built an adjoining area for the dogs crate and allows patients an area to sit while waiting for their blood draw or radiology scans.

    If it is okay, I’d like to pass on a bit of information that others may not know: service dogs are on duty 24/7. Please do not approach one hoping to pet it. They are highly trained to give 100 per cent of their attention to their owner.

    A service dog goes through two years of training, and an additional six months, to a year of special conditioning before he or she will be assigned to their owner. Service dogs and their trainers are hero’s.

    Within the Dallas area, Parkland Hospital offers a program for potential handlers and their dogs. There are strict guidelines for acceptance into the program.

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  2. I know that these dogs are working all the time for their owners. It is hard not to want to pet them. I always tell my granddaughter to not pet any dog without asking the owners permission. And if they are working dogs they should not be petted. Glad you passed on this information. Have a good week. 🙂

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