Finally! I Have Lily’s Test Results!

As some of you will remember I had my mustang Lily tested for Cushing’s Disease back on March 4. I had to leave her until about March 7. The test was supposed to take about 5-9 days before I would hear something. I waited about 10-14 days and called the vets office and still no word.  Finally on about April 2 or 3rd, (I can’t remember which) the vet’s office finally called and said the lab couldn’t find the test. It got lost or misplaced somewhere between the vets and the lab. So I had to take Lily back to the vet on April 7. The took another round of blood tests and sent them off. Fortunately I only have to pay for one test. No one seems to know what happened to the first one.

FINALLY yesterday on May 4, my vet himself called and told me they heard from the lab. Lily does not have Cushing’s Disease. Whew! I am glad to know for sure. I kind of thought that she probably didn’t since she shed off her hair very nicely when it warmed up enough. And since her feet have been trimmed she has been doing much better.

My farrier had also put on a shoe and pads which helped with her walking better. My farrier came back to take the shoe off when he came to trim all the horses on April 23. Lily gave him as much trouble to get the shoe off as she did trying to put the shoe on. Weirdly enough, Lily let him trim all the other three feet without much fuss. Well a little fuss but not near as much as she did trying to get the shoe off. The farrier said that he would come back another day and wanted me to see if I could sedate her to get the shoe off. He had another job to get to.  Hubby and I worked on getting the shoe off Tuesday April 28 in the evening. I thought she was walking oddly a little so I checked and the shoe was a little looser than it had been. I don’t have any regular farrier tools, so I just used my hoof pick made from a horseshoe and Hubby had a tool that was close to shoe puller, but looks more like a hoof nipper. My farrier came the next day and trimmed the one hoof with no problems.

My hoof pick is on the right. My brother made me a pair of these from a real horseshoe.


This is a pair of horse nippers. It is used to trim the hoof.

This is a hoof puller.

Right now I just have to keep an eye on Lily. I need to keep her and Diamond off the grass and only have access to hay. When it gets warmer, I can turn the other two horses and maybe the donkey out on the grass. That will save on hay for the summer. I am hoping for a very good crop of hay this year. Last year was good, but, with the cows and the equines, we needed to buy several bales to get us through the rest of the winter and into the spring until our hay ground is ready to bale. The vet does suspect Metabolic Syndrome which mimics Cushing’s. There is no test for it and nothing much to do other than watch her. I am just glad that Lily does not have Cushings. Have a good night all.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

12 responses to “Finally! I Have Lily’s Test Results!

  1. Hi Sally. Me too I am always making a mountain out of a mole hill. But at least I have a pleasant answer. I just have to make myself keep her off the luscious grass that she loves so much. I do let her graze a little when I take her out of the pen on a lead.

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  2. Yeah, such good news, Cheryl! So glad to hear that. 🙂 These tests — they take so darn long to get the results back (even if they’re not lost, which was ridiculous!), but when the results are good, like Lily’s was, well, then you just have to sigh and smile and relax. Hoping her feet and walking gets much better — sounds like you’re on the right track. Have a great day! 🙂

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  3. Thank you Debra. It was almost like no news is good news. I am glad to finally get an answer. I just have to keep in mind about the grass and keeping her away from the cow’s mineral tub. I am almost 90 percent sure that is what triggered it all. Diamond, my riding mare, really pigged out on it and had a little trouble with her feet, but surprisingly not near as bad as Lily did. That’s what had me worried so much. It wasn’t usual for Lily to be worse. Have a great day. 🙂


  4. Well, whatever it was, Cheryl, I’m so glad Lily’s okay and that you have at least a pretty good idea of what triggered it. Sure wish we could figure out what triggers Charlie’s seizures … still looking. Say, you have a great day as well! It’s gorgeous here, 🙂

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  5. Excellent news. I had a feeling she was working on a bout of founder from the sound of it. The pads can work wonders. So GLAD she is doing better. I’ve worked with a few horses with metabolic syndrome, and it’s a matter of keeping the sugars low. Can be expensive to find the dry grass hays here in California. We don’t have any pasture though, which is a little more problematic for you. Anyhow, looks like you are on the road to recovery. Congrats.

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  6. Still nothing on him? So sorry Debra. I know that is a great worry for you and your husband. Praying you will hear something to help out with Charlie too.
    We are having quit a bit of rain the last two days. Monday night it started to storm. We had lots of lightening, thunder and rain for several hours. We wound up with 2.5 inches. Yesterday we had some more rain in heavy bursts in the afternoon. And a little more today. We needed some rain, but now it is quickly getting to be almost too much at one time. Tonight I am just hearing that there is a tornado warning in some counties north and west of us. And a tornado on the ground. Hopefully it won’t get to our area. And praying for those in the path of those storms.Have a good night.


  7. I am very relieved. We have Brome hay here. Prairie hay was recommended, but I would have to buy it and I can’t seem to find any too close. But I do know there is areas close that do have prairie. Maybe they just don’t sell it or advertise it. So far she is doing well on the Brome. It is richer than Prairie, but that is what we grow and bale.

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  8. I think that is a great choice low in sugar and starches. The good news is that she is an easy keeper, won’t take much to keep her going. The trouble is they don’t get much so they get bored and seem hungry all the time. I hate that part. A close wove hay net helps or a something to slow them down with feeding and give them something to munch on over a longer period of time. I’m sure you’ll figure it out with some experimenting. She’s in good hands 🙂

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