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I am reblogging this because this is something I care about. I wish I had money to donate to this cause. I adopted my mustang, Lily and my donkey from the BLM in 2006. I thought then that they were doing a great job and truly cared about the wild horses and burros. And I like to think that at one time they did. But then they kissed up to the greedy, horse hating, cattle and sheep ranchers who bought their way into using PUBLIC land set aside for the wild horses and burros, to raise PRIVATELY owned cattle and sheep instead of using up their own land. I have seen actual footage of helicopters hitting and knocking over scared foals and burros. If anyone can help please do and spread the word. Thank you.

Wild Horse Education

Owyhee Owyhee

Happy Birthday WHE! As we count down to our fifth year of operations we look back at some of the accomplishments of Wild Horse Education (WHE).

Core to our work is the fight to gain humane treatment of wild horses and burros. Our documentation has been utilized in countless news broadcasts, stories and litigation. One of the milestones of the work of WHE.

Babies run in extreme heat for miles and miles at Triple B Babies run in extreme heat for miles and miles at Triple B

The story of Humane Care and how it grew.

We were told it was impossible. We were told not to “waste time and energy” trying. We were told this by some of the most expensive legal minds in advocacy. We obviously, did not listen.

In our very first year we won the first court orders against inhumane conduct ever obtained since the passage of the Wild Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act. At Triple…

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5 responses to “WHE Works, Humane Care

  1. I went to a sale a few years after I adopted my mustang and donkey. The poor things I seen at that sale looked all skin and bones. They said it was because the grazing was poor and water was not enough. Well, duh! Cattle eat and drink a lot more than horses and sheep eat a lot more than cows! We have cattle,but not sheep. I have nothing against raising them. If we don’t have room on our own private land to feed as many cows, we sell them. Plain and simple.

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  2. Sometimes it is hard for me to read and see the pictures. Makes me cry and then angry at “human kind”. I won’t say what I think should be done to some of these people who purposely do what they do to these animals. I did once in a FB post and my son said I should be careful because they are government paid. I suppose in this day and age tieing them to a wild horse and have them drug through a cactus patch could be taken wrong. Makes me wonder how they treat their own animals.


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