Storms, Lawn Mowers and Snakes

There has been a good round of storms, rain, lightening and thunder around our area and in the North Central counties. Tornadoes have been hitting Texas and Oklahoma and several counties here in Kansas. So far all we have had is rain and lightening. Lots of thunder. We needed the rain and we have gotten almost 4.5-5 inches in the last week including a little bit today. We are supposed to be getting some good possible storms tomorrow. I am hoping it will hold off until after we all get together for lunch for Mother’s Day.

With the rain the grass is growing and we have had to mow a couple of times already. Had to come sometime. Today I thought it was too muddy to mow, but Hubby said it should be okay. He was using the old mower and I was the newer mower. Going around the garden fence, I hit a soft spot and got stuck. It took both of us to get it unstuck. I said something about it being to wet and he grumbled something back and so I kept mowing. When we were almost done I was making a pass between the hay ground and the front yard and felt and heard a big whump or thump. I glanced back and seen something. I thought great, I ran over a poor turtle. When I came back around it seen it wasn’t a turtle but a big snake that was now in pieces. Yuck! Gross! I really don’t like snakes, but I really didn’t want to chop it up. I made Hubby go back and  chop it’s head off and make sure it was dead. It was moving a little when I last looked. I really felt bad for the poor thing. We are not sure what kind it was.

Well that was my excitement for the day. I hope my day goes better tomorrow. Have a great Sunday and Mother’s day.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

3 responses to “Storms, Lawn Mowers and Snakes

  1. Thank you Debra. I am hoping for a good get together. Mom is already in one of her woe is me moods. At least last night she was. You have a wonderful day too. 🙂


  2. Well, I hope you and every one in your family has a great day today, Cheryl! It’s going to be raining here in a bit, but the weekend has been lovely up to now. Enjoy the day!

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