The Trouble With Farm Life..

Well the trouble sometimes with farm life is that when you have four dogs that are indoor/outdoor, is that you sometimes have to give baths now and then. Admittedly the big dogs should strictly be outdoor dogs, but hey what can I say. They are my babies too and they are spoiled. And they have a more comfortable life than most dogs and cats of any size may have in bad weather. Not that a good dog house with some hay inside and outside won’t keep them nice and cozy. Mainly I refer to abused and neglected animals.

Anyway, the dogs like to got out front because it is not fenced in like the back yard, and that was done when a coyote got a hold of our dachshund, Sasha when we first got her. Thankfully she survived and still thinks she is top dog. They were out front and since they are always finding something and dragging it up, you never know what is in the yard. About a week ago one of them found a mole and either they killed it, of something else did. I thought Hubby had taken care of the disposal which he usually does. A couple days ago it had turned off really cool. More seasonable, but the wind was making it pretty chilly. Bear had come in and both of us were like What is that horrible smell! He had rolled in something very, very smelly. He HAD to have a bath. Outside. Good think I keep Mane and Tail shampoo on hand. We got him out again, bathed and dried off pretty quickly and let him back in before he could get too cold.

A few days before that, Sandy had gone out and came in stinking almost the same. Only not as bad. Bad enough. I managed to get her cleaned off with baby wipes. Many, many baby wipes. It was really a good thing it was after her hair cut. It made it much easier to get her wiped off. We couldn’t find anything laying around. This morning we had a few errands to run in Holton and when we got back, we decided to let the dogs out and see if they would lead us to what was stinking so bad. And Sasha started to roll in something that was laying close to the the corner of our sidewalk. And guess what; it was the remains of the mole. Moles must have a very potent odor when they are alive. I don’t know, but they sure do when they are dead. We couldn’t figure out where it was. We could get a whiff of it now and then after the rains, but couldn’t pin it down. The dogs sure could.

Welcome to our world. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I grew up in the city of Topeka, and moved to the country in my forties. I LOVE it! I love the space, quiet and yes even the smells. Well, some smells. When the neighbors south of us clean their cattle yards on a hot breezy day, it can be pretty iffy. 😀   I usually have the windows closed and the air on anyway!

Now that I have grossed you all out, have a nice day and:

Stay Safe and God Bless!


2 responses to “The Trouble With Farm Life..

  1. I have three big dogs in the house. They are a lot of work, and I can relate to the scents of the things they have gotten into. All the chaos, disruption, aggravation, and love, make for a pretty full life!

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