Our 2015 Calves Are On The Way

Hubby has been checking on the cows several times a day the last few days. The first ones are due any time. Yesterday (Thursday) afternoon, he came in and said I was great-grandma again. Our first calf of the year is officially born.Today was the first time I got to see it. I even got to pet it a little. And it wasn’t even the cow we thought would have hers first.



We have been kind of worrying about the weather lately. There has been a lot of storms around and we have gotten six plus inches of rain in the last twelve days. It is pretty muddy and the pond is now full and threatening to over flow and the ditches are probably full of water. We have had two calves in the past that had to be pulled out of a muddy ditch. One was the very first, or second calf born on the place.  And the second one was last year when one of our first time heifers had her calf at the top of a ditch and I think it rolled down. Thankfully Mamma was okay with me pulling her baby out. I was home alone that day and checking on her for Hubby while he was at work. Thankfully I heard Mom call from the bottom of the ditch.

Mom(the bigger cow on the right) tried to lead us off in another direction, but when that didn’t work she came back and collected Baby. And Auntie Wilma tagged along. Wilma is a heifer weaned from last year’s babies. She will be bred this fall and have a calf next year. Hopefully.



I am not sure why there is no picture on the video, but it does play. The sound is kind of hard to hear on the first one. I am talking to the cows and my husband in both.

While we were walking along I seen some broken egg shells on the ground. We think they may have been Killdeer since they lay their eggs anywhere they please and always on the ground. The cows probably walked over them.

IMAG0735 IMAG0736

That is all for today, or rather tonight.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

10 responses to “Our 2015 Calves Are On The Way

  1. We are trying. We have been getting so much rain we are getting worried about them falling into the ditches. I know they are running with water. It has been storming here all afternoon and night. We’re hoping none are born tonight. May have to call one or two Stormy! 🙂

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  2. It stormed pretty bad most all last night. It quit sometime in the early morning hours. 3am or so. Hubby found both calves safe and sound with their mothers, and a third one that was born sometime early this morning. They were by a ditch. Thankfully not in it. Only nine more to come. I think we will take a short get away trip after they are all here safe and sound! 🙂


  3. They are doing well. We had a pretty strong storm move through all night last night. Lots of lightening and rain. We were worried about the new babies and any that might be born. Hubby did find the two moms and babies safe and well. He also found a third baby that was born sometime in the early morning with it’s mom by a ditch that would have been bad news if the calf had rolled into it. Have nine more to come. We’ll need a vacation when it is all said and done. Or maybe a glass of wine! 🙂

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