In this day and age there is no reason whatsoever to abuse and torture animals for their skin, fur, tusks or horns. Please read and share.


Fur farms stink in every way!

All fur farms employ intensive battery-type farming methods. 

Animals suffer terribly under these barbaric conditions.

Minks are semi-aquatic and need water in the form of streams or lakes. A mink’s natural living environment is always near water or on wooded banks. Generally they are solitary and inquisitive animals except when they pair off during the mating season.

They suffer physically and emotionally on fur farms, where they are crammed into tiny metal cages that injure their little feet.                                                                   fur facts 1

With thousands of animals kept in a small area, there is a build-up of excrement.

Each mink skinned produces about 20 kilos of faeces in his or her lifetime. 

The ammonia from…

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2 responses to “FUR FARMING STINKS!

  1. Thank you. That is a sunrise from either early this year, or late last year. I like to change it now and then. As for the blog, I had to reblog it. I know some people don’t care as long as they can afford their furs, but there is others like you and me that would like to spread the word. There truly is no reason why we should even want to use real fur. In the old days it was sort of understandable because there was no other good form of materials to keep as warm. It really does stink to know that so called humans are so greedy to abuse animals for this kind of thing. Puppy Mills are the same way. Okay I’ll get off my rant box. have a great day Debra. 🙂


  2. It’s great that you’ve reblogged this, Cheryl — glad to learn more about fur farms. And btw: I love the updated photo on her blog header! 🙂

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