Our Second Calf Is Born

Our second calf is now born, and before you groan too much, I got most of it on video. I have been wanting to see a calf born for a long time, and I probably will have to wait a longer time to see one up close. Hubby came in from checking the cows about 7:30-7:45 pm and said that one was about ready to have her calf, so I grabbed my phone and went out to try and see how close I could get. The first video I tried didn’t go too well. The cow was already laying down and starting to push out the calf when I tried to walk up. She had the front legs out but got up and stopped the process. I don’t know how they do it, but she did. So I got as close as I could and watched until she started again. It didn’t take too long and surprisingly the other cows were around. Mostly they go off by themselves to have their babies. This first video is the birth and Auntie Wilma comes running over when Brenda let out a loud bellow.

She had it by about 8 pm or a little later. A few minutes later the calf tried to stand. Like horses they try to stand pretty quickly. Comes from the wild to be able to get up, eat and run if you have to. Amazing how soon they get up right after birth.

We have also had quite a bit of light rain and storms moving through since May 3, and as of Sunday morning we have had 8.2 inches of rain. And it was getting ready to do something on Friday night. We had been in Holton and on the way home when we seen these clouds on the eastern horizon. I have never seen clouds like these so close. They were really very pretty. It has been kind of a worry though, since the calves are coming.





Have a great day.


Stay Safe and God Bless!

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