I Need To Apologize…

I need to apologize about my last post; I Am Too Old to Play With Calves. I realized when I got up this morning that I had run two days worth of things into one day. You all have gotten a taste of how confused I can get sometimes. Especially when I am tired. And sore. I was trying to get all of the videos and pictures on and working. It was getting late and I was getting really tired. My mind was trying to remember everything and jumbling it all together.

Most of what happened on Tuesday was right. Except by the time we got to the weaning pen, it was already getting dark. We did get the calf in the small pen Son had ready and he was more than hungry enough to suck down the bottle after he finally figured out there was something good in it. I was sore from struggling with the calf on the ATV and the three Ibuprofen before bedtime was what I needed.

All the parts about getting the halter, catching and leading to the shed happened on Wednesday morning. The calf didn’t want the bottle that morning. He was still trying to nurse from Mom. That is why we tried to get him onto a teat in the shed. By evening he was more than willing to drink a bottle. We are not sure if he is just a bit slow, or if Oprah’s udder is the problem. She does have a big lump on one quarter that we are not sure of what it is. I don’t know anything about milking a cow by hand, but I did try and get some milk out and couldn’t. She was really tight so I know she has milk.

We have decide that it may be time to have her culled. It will be hard because really all in all she is a good cow. She has always raised a nice big calf. And she likes to be petted on occasion. When she doesn’t, she just politely pushes you out of the way. She just gets very protective when she has a new calf. And I totally understand that. She is just being a good Mom.

Well, now that I have probably totally confused you some more, I will close for now. 🙂

Stay Safe and God Bless!

6 responses to “I Need To Apologize…

  1. Yes and we still have seven more before we are done. My left arm is still sore from struggling to hold the calf, but on the bright side my knee is still feeling good. 😀


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