We Lost Oprah’s Calf

Sadly Hubby had to make the decision to have the calf put down. I had to run to Topeka this morning and after I had left the vet had called again and said that the calf was getting worse. He wasn’t responding I guess to the medicine. So Hubby told him to just euthanize him. It sounds like it was the best decision. Even if he had pulled through, he may have been blind or had brain damage. That would not have been an easy way to live. We tried and we lost. Oprah is finally settling down some and I am glad of that.

We had another calf born that didn’t get the colostrum right away, but Hubby had called a neighbor and friend who raises cattle and he had some on hand that was frozen. He thawed some out and brought it over and got the calf to take it. She has now found the teat and has been nursing and seems to be doing well. Six more to go. I hope we don’t have any more trouble with any of them. We are wore out just thinking about it. Life of the cattlemen I guess.

Have a great week.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

17 responses to “We Lost Oprah’s Calf

  1. It is sad, but it is the life of raising cattle I guess. We have been lucky with the last four years of births. Tom always said if you are in the business long enough, you will run into this. So far we haven’t had to pull a calf. We have three heifers having their first this year. Praying for no more problems. 😊


  2. Such sad news. Hopefully the rest of the calves will come easy with no problems. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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  3. The last one really made us both feel pretty bad. I will make a post. I just need to get it together. It is hard to deal with. We knew it could happen sooner or later. We still have four more to come. I will be glad when they are here. 🙂


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