Guess I Should Post Again

Well it is Sunday June 7. About one and a half weeks since we lost the second calf. And one week exactly that Baby Girl, the pulled calf’s mom, finally got up on her feet and stayed up. She joined the herd sometime last Sunday by the end of the day. She tried from Wednesday until Sunday and managed to creep along from where she was to about 100 yards away to a ditch. Thankfully there was actually a sort of a less muddy area in the ditch where she settled for a couple days. Hubby was busy taking water and hay to her until she could get up and walk out of the ditch. One good thing out of the whole week and a half.

The rest of my moodiness comes from all the rain we have been getting since the beginning of May. We needed the rain and was glad for it in the beginning. Our pond has finally gotten back to it fullness since it dried pretty much up in the drought of 2012. But since the first rains, we had about 14-15 inches of rain in May alone. Since the first of June we have gotten about 4-5 inches more. Two storms moved through on Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. Had a lot of lightening, thunder and some hail. Thankfully it was small hail. And thankfully not the egg size hail that a neighboring county had from the same storm. And also thankfully we have not had the flooding like in Houston, Texas and Oklahoma. Our hearts and prayers go out to all who have to deal with that tragedy. The Delaware river to the east of us about ten miles, did flood out some crop ground. It has done it before.

As for our wheat, I haven’t been out to see it. It looks like it is turning, but it may be something called rust. I think that maybe the rains may have brought it on, but not sure. Our hay grounds got beat down a little from the hail, but should recover. The only problem is that it is too wet to mow and bale our hay. It should be done in June or July, but may not get done until August. If then. We have two bales left to feed the horses and donkey. Two of my horses can go out on grass, but two cannot. One is Lily my mustang, and my riding mare Diamond.

November 2, 2014 (2)                                                                       Diamond

The sun is shining today and brightened my mood. God will work things out. Wishing everyone a blessed day, and a lovely week.

Stay Safe and God Bless!


7 responses to “Guess I Should Post Again

  1. Oh my, bless you. I’m so sorry to hear you’ve endured so much. My niece in Genoa, AR., has endured the loss of a calf this week, too. The levee began to give way and before the herd could be moved a baby found itself struggling in the mud. It was unsafe for anyone to attempt a rescue. The next day the levee broke, flooding their pecan grove.

    So many have been thru so much. I’m thankful you and your family are safe.

    Hay is becoming scarce. I was at my father-in-laws today, his coastal is high, but the area is too wet to cut. Our temps have turned; we’re in the 90’s. That will certainly help if we don’t get rainfall for awhile. Feast or famine, right?

    Sweetie, take care of yourself. Prayers to you and all who are dealing with so many concerns.

    (Beautiful horse!)

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  2. So sorry to hear about your nieces loss too. I didn’t know there was flooding in Arkansas. I hope your niece and her family is safe. Sorry about their pecan grove. This weather is crazy this year. We are in a dry period today and maybe tomorrow, but supposed to start up again by about Thursday. You and yours stay safe and have a good week. Hopefully dry for awhile. And thank you. I love my Diamond. 🙂

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