I will be so glad when the humidity drops. It has been very warm and humid the last couple weeks, and it just zaps your energy. It has gradually been getting a little cooler in temps, but the humidity is still there. Especially with the light rains we have been getting, and then the sun comes out.

One of our farmer friends that we do crop shares with, came by this morning to have Husband sign something to do with the crop ground. Hubby had mentioned that we are going to sell some cows and reduce our herd, but he was waiting for a cooler day. Our friend said that was probably good as there was eleven cows died at the sale barn on one of the brutally hot and humid days. I always think of the poor cows, steers and bulls that are there on the hot days. And sometimes on the bitter cold days in the winter. The sale barn has a sale once every week all year round. Except twice a year during the week of Christmas and the Fourth of July. Those are the only two weeks they are closed all week. I also feel for the men and women that work the cattle in and out of the ring during those days. The sale ring itself is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer, but the areas just outside the ring is not. And the veterinarians who work the cattle are in the heat as well.

I may also have come across another reason why I am always so tired and have no energy. Other than being over weight. 🙂 I finally got Hubby to get checked for sleep apnea. He snores and actually quite breathing sometimes at night. I have been after him to get checked for it, but he complained about having to wear one of the masks that helps with sleep apnea. He didn’t want anything on his face at night. I finally got him to go when he had his spell with the Vasovagal Syncope and I told his doctor about it when he had his recheck after his hospital visit. I made it a point to bring it up and asked if it had anything to do with his episode. It didn’t but he agreed that it could lead to other serious health problems. His doctor asked if he wanted to be checked, and after a look in my direction, and a look back from me, he said yes. The episode of the Vasovagal Syncope did scare him and me.

It is a good thing he got checked. He didn’t look forward to going to an actual sleep center, and it turned out that they can do a home test now. It still requires wires and sticky cups to place in strategic spots to monitor, but it was much easier. And our insurance would only pay for a home study. He did have moderate sleep apnea, which is just a step down from bad or severe apnea. He was stopping breathing 22 times in an hour. It can be as high as 500 times an hour. At least that is what I thought they staff said. That is scary. He got a machine that is smaller than they used to be. (from what we were told) and it is quiet as long as the mask is in place properly. He doesn’t snore now and he is breathing again. He says he feels a little better, but can’t tell a big difference yet. He has only had it for a few weeks.

And this brings me to the point of my post on being tired. When Hubby was answering questions and filling out forms, I was thinking that I am doing and feeling a lot of the same things. Hubby has made it clear that I snore too. Most mornings for sure. I have woke myself up snorting a time or two. And when I sometimes dream that I can’t breathe and then wake drawing in breath, I am wondering if I may have sleep apnea. We talked it over with my doctor and she agreed that it was worth checking into. So I get to do a home sleep test this coming Thursday. I will be sure and let you all know how that turns out. It will take a week or two before it is all said and done. It will be a step in finding out why I may be so tired even though I think I should be getting enough sleep.

If anyone thinks they may have this problem, you should get it checked out. It can cause heart failure, strokes, depression and any number of health problems. Here are a few more links about sleep apnea.

Stay Safe and God Bless!


3 responses to “SO TIRED OF BEING TIRED

  1. Butler stops breathing 70 times in an hour. Yikes. I can’t imagine what 500 times is like. I’m glad they caught you guys early. Can you reverse sleep apnea? Other than surgery? I suppose weight loss would help, but I wonder if you can actually turn it around any other way. Food for thought? Anyhow, sleep well! 🙂

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  2. 70 times is a lot. I am not sure if the 500 times is exactly correct. Sometimes I hear things the way they were actually said, but I am pretty sure it can be several hundred times in severe cases. It is scary. So glad Butler was caught now. We were told that Sleep Apnea cannot be cured. The machines are just a way to help give you a better quality of life. For the rest of your life. And yes losing weight would help. I am hoping to feel much better and start trying really hard in losing weight. Prayers sent that things will work out for Butler. 🙂


  3. I know quite a few people that have sleep apnea. It’s a fairly common problem, even with people that are young. I was tested a couple years ago. They thought the migraines might be related. But they weren’t. They mess with my sleep patterns though. Not to mention having a husband who kicks like a mule in his sleep, lol. Kidding aside, I’m really hoping this will give him the relief he needs. For all of you. No more tired days and sleepless nights!

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