Hackers Using YouTube to Teach Others to Spy on You | Money Talks News

Hackers Using YouTube to Teach Others to Spy on You | Money Talks News.

This is scary and really disgusting. I can’t understand why Youtube, Facebook and Twitter lets these kinds of things be allowed on their sites.

What is wrong with being ethical?

Stay Safe and God Bless!

4 responses to “Hackers Using YouTube to Teach Others to Spy on You | Money Talks News

  1. I can’t disclose where I was employed, other than to tell you it was, is and will be, for a very long time, an International tech company. They have hackers, rooms of them, dedicated to hacking into the hackers.

    Hackers believe they are safe, their identities unknown. And yes, some do slip below the radar, but daily there are thousands that are identified. Tagged, disrupted and reported. I know it is a scary thought to many, but the true and honest hackers are not out there to spy on us. They are after the terrorists, the pedophile, protecting financial institutions, drug dealers, arms and human traffickers, etc. their helping and working with law enforcement.

    They could care less about how we feel about this or that. They’re human too. They like and dislike some of the same things and issues as the rest of us. I can guarantee that they are having a busy time over there looking into the woodwork of the devious minded.

    Again, I know people don’t like this, but it’s not necessarily the government tracking us, it is the corporate and private sectors that are the unsung heroes. They are legally doing this, by the way. The integrity of software relies upon their constant concern and utmost priority.

    Sitting back and listening with their feet up on their desk is not a realistic vision. These people are dedicated, highly trained in sophisticated research and data breach tool coding.

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