This is such a good post. Nothing can be more true than this. We would be lost without our beloved God given animals. Wild or domestic. Read, love it and think about it.
Stay Safe and God Bless!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

We have a poster that reads, “What is man without the beasts?

If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit.

For whatever happens to beasts soon happens to man.

All things are connected.” Chief Seattle, Suquamish Indian Tribe






“If all the other creatures on this planet are allowed to disappear because we didn’t take the necessary actions to save them because our own self need and vanity was considered greater; and the more scarce they became, the more monetary value they had, adding to our prestige; what will our children have left to love?


The ones who caused the other creatures to die off?”

Chris Graham aka The Story Reading Ape

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