An open letter on Facebook by the Charlie Daniel’s band is going viral |

Source: An open letter on Facebook by the Charlie Daniel’s band is going viral |

I have always liked this man and his band. I have felt this same way about our Great Nation for quite some time, but could never think of how I wanted to say or write it. He knows how to speak his mind and the truth that other people are too blind to, or just don’t want to see or hear it.

I am one to stand behind Kim Davis too. She did her Christian duty and stood her ground. I can’t help but think that these people came to her courthouse on purpose because they wanted to force their views on her. Then got mad when she presented her views to them.

Why is it okay for anyone to think that it is okay to try and make everyone else think and live like they want to? Why do they think it is okay to force their beliefs on others? True Christians don’t force their thinking on everyone. God made this earth and everything in it. But He also gave everyone a CHOICE to believe in Him . Or to follow the Devil. Christians are petitioned to present God to everyone, leading to His Son Jesus Christ, and to believe in Jesus therefore gaining entrance into Heaven for all eternity. He is the ONLY way into Heaven.

Why is it okay to want everyone to get along and agree with their lifestyles and be one big happy family because you chose a different path than the God fearing people? And then think it is not right for Christians to have the same God given right and live their lives and believe as they do?

I do not agree with the gay and lesbian lifestyle because it is against God’s laws. BUT, if you want to live that lifestyle that is your choice. Don’t expect me to want to live that way. I respect you as a person. You need to work for a living just as I do. You need to put food on the table just as I do. I have worked with people that live that lifestyle. They were hard working and funny and friendly people. But they did not force anyone to believe as they do.

If a Christian business does not want to help you with your plans, then go someplace else that will. Plain and simple. Why make it hard for those to have the same rights to make their decisions as you do. Move on. Grow up. Think about it.

Now I have gotten on my soapbox and gotten things off my chest. I hope you read the whole post all the way through and I hope I have made sense of what I was trying to say. I hope I will not lose any readers and followers. I love and appreciate you all. I will understand if I do. My prayers go out to everyone in the world and want nothing but peace for everyone everywhere. Sorry for the long post, but this was my time to say my piece.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Your input is always welcome. Thank you!

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