Hello everyone, I am back on finally. I had gotten a virus that pretty much shut me down about a week ago. I had to send my computer in to the Computer Doctor and let him clean it up for me. I have been spending the last two or three days trying to get things put back on and changing some of my passwords and driving myself crazy trying to figure things out. I am not very techy at times and never know if a I am putting the right drives back on, or getting too much, or not enough. I may have to call my guy and have him help me. I pretty much got it back to rights. My pictures are back in place and as far as I know I am good to go. My sound isn’t quite working 100 percent. I gets kind of garbled off and on on my card game.

Sometimes I hate computers. But most of the time I love them. Maybe more correctly I dislike someone who has the brains to do something good in life, but chooses to use their God given knowledge to create spam, viruses and be an unlawful hacker to destroy someone elses happiness and create havoc for their pleasure.

Anyway I am glad to be back and I have a lot to post about. Just a matter of getting my self in gear and getting it done. Have a great upcoming week, and a wonderful rest of your Sunday evening.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

6 responses to “FINALLY!! I AM BACK ON

  1. I might need more than a kettle. 😀 I will have to take a day or two. I got some reading done while my computer was gone. That was nice. And the weather has been cooler so I have been outdoors a little more. I did keep thinking I should have done some crafty things too, but I didn’t. Bad me.


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