Some of you may remember that I posted about a local Steakhouse and Grill hosting something called Greek Night. It was for my birthday in February. I missed named the establishment and called it Boomer’s Bar and Grill, but it is actually Boomer’s Steakhouse and Grill. It is located in Holton, Kansas.

Well, they have had a second one, and this one was the day after Hubby’s birthday on September 20. (His birthday was the 19). I made the reservations and we went to enjoy more good Greek food once again. This time it was a nice cool evening and the weather allowed it to be out on their patio. It was such a lovely evening. There was Greek music on the speakers and quite a few people. Since it was outside on the patio this year, the main restaurant was open for business as usual. The only reason it was closed last time was because it was held inside in February.

I thought to take pictures of the food this time as well as the menu. We didn’t get all of our food in the order listed on the menu, but the pictures are in order from the menu.


The bread came out first with butter, and it was so good. Was enough that we brought the two biggest pieces home. IMAG0140

And this Greek Salad with Feta Mousse was so very good!


I am not a fan of cooked spinach, but this Spinach Pie was good and had a good flavor.IMAG0142

You can’t see the sweet corn salad under the Lamb Chops very well, but it was so tasty.IMAG0146

This Pulled Pork dish has a whitish sauce that I can only describe as a kind of Feta cheese stuff. Sorry it is hidden. It was soo good. The Pita bread was to make a smallish sandwich if you wanted to. I did and it was a very good dish.IMAG0145

I like deep fried and grilled shrimp. This was more like a boiled shrimp dish and I didn’t care for it. To me it wasn’t even that appealing to look at. Hubby liked it surprisingly. He had the majority of it. I did try it.IMAG0144

Ah, the oven roasted vegetables! Now these were good! Again I am not a big fan of some squash, but this was very good.


I have had grilled watermelon before and I really like it. This was good, but the Honey and Thyme Yogurt was, very interesting. I could really taste the honey. If it didn’t have the Thyme in it, I think I would have liked it much better. I don’t cook much with Thyme, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was good enough that I could eat it. And this plate came out with the Butter Cookie and the Honey Walnut Cake. They were very good.    IMAG0149

All said and done, it was a very good meal. Both Hubby and I thought is was good. We didn’t think there was quite as much food as the first time, so we didn’t have as much to take home. But that is fine with me. I was plenty full without being overly so. I also had Ice Tea and Hubby had a Dr. Pepper or Pepsi. I can’t remember.

At the very end of the meal, it is a Greek tradition to offer a shot glass of one of two complimentary Greek drinks to finish off the meal if you wished to try one or both. The first one was a clear liquid that I cannot remember the name of, or pronounce if I did. It had kind of a black licorice flavor. I called it White Lightning. If you could have seen my face after trying it, you would have laughed as much as Hubby did. He tossed it down like it was nothing. Good thing it was only a shot glass full! The other was an Amaretto. I tried it and liked it better. Not exactly my kind of drink, but it was smoother than the first. I am not much of a drinker any more. I used to be in my younger, stupider days. But I cannot handle most drinks and don’t miss it much.


And to finish off the post, here is some other pictures of the patio and chef.




Happy Birthday Honey! ❤


Our compliments to the chef! 🙂   And to our waitress in the background.IMAG0147

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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  1. Thank you Sally for the reblog. It was very good. We visit there often. They do have good food. The Greek Nights are a special meal night. They just happened to be in good time this year for our birthdays. 🙂

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