Should cats be declawed, or should they have their claws capped? | Ask petMD | petMD

I did not know this before I had read it here on I had always heard of declawing a cat, but didn’t know it was like an amputation. That’s terrible. I couldn’t remember if I had posted this before, so I am posting this for my animal lover readers and followers.

Also check into what a “barkless” dog is before buying one from a breeder who says he/she raises “barkless” dogs. This usually means the larynx has been crushed in some manner so the dog can’t bark. The only reason to buy from a breeder in this case would be to save the poor thing from further harm and torture.

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Source: Should cats be declawed, or should they have their claws capped? | Ask petMD | petMD

17 responses to “Should cats be declawed, or should they have their claws capped? | Ask petMD | petMD

  1. I agree. They are probably Puppy Mills. I will have to do more research. I haven’t heard about them for quite awhile now. It is disturbing to know how cruel people can be.


  2. Some of the cruelness makes my heart bleed, why would anyone find this acceptable, I know I bury my head in the sand and things like this happen all the time I find it all soul destroying

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  3. I think there are some people who thought these dogs really were bred not to bark. I thought that when I first heard about them. Until I read an article on how they were barkless. Sorry I upset you. It is always heartbreaking to me too when I read and hear of these things. Sometimes I do have to skip quickly over these articles. Especially where horses are concerned. But no animal should have to be subjected to such things. Or people either. Take care Roma.

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  4. I knew cats could be declawed, but I never knew it was like amputating a knuckle until I seen this post. I would never do it now. I have one I had thought about declawing, but saw this article and now will not.
    I would like to make the humans barkless the same way! Makes me so mad to know that someone could do such a thing to make money.


  5. I used to be allergic to cats when I was young so we never had any house cats. Now they don’t seem to bother me much. I have had indoor/outdoor cats for several years now. The oldest is going on 12 or 13. The younger one is about 8-10. I can’t remember for sure.

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  6. They are around here too, but our younger cats don’t seem to wander too far from the house, and we have four dogs that pretty much keep things safe. Most of the time anyway. I lose a chicken now ant then, but not very often.

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