Crochet Sayings That Make Crocheters Cringe

If you read these crochet sayings and cringe, then you know that you’re a crocheter. You’d never say them and hope no one else will either! On Craftsy!

Source: Crochet Sayings That Make Crocheters Cringe

A fun post that I read off of I thought of all my readers and followers, and maybe anyone who hasn’t read my posts yet, (Huh?) that would like these. They made me smile. And I am not much of a crocheter! 😀

Stay Safe and God Bless!


9 thoughts on “Crochet Sayings That Make Crocheters Cringe

  1. There is probably a lot of truth in learning when you are young. You would be able to retain it better. I have tried my hand at weaving and really like it. It is quite a bit easier on my hands and wrists. At least once the warping is done. 🙂


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