Fall Leaves – Are They Toxic to Horses?

Fall is here! The leaves are changing and the temperatures are cooling off. It’s hard to imagine that such a pretty time of year could possibly be harmful to our horses. However, fall leaves can pose a potentially deadly threat. The following are trees that are highly toxic to horses.

Source: Fall Leaves – Are They Toxic to Horses?

I knew that some trees are toxic to horses. I didn’t know about the Red Maple until after I had planted one out by the horse tank in our pen. It was pretty well established when I found out. It is on the outside of the pen and I planted it for some late afternoon shade. I try and keep the leaves out of the tank when they fall in. The horses leave it alone for the most part unless they are tied near it and bored. Then they try and strip a few leaves. So far no problems from it. I did not know about the Oak trees. We have quite a few in the pasture, but so far I have not had a problem with the horses there either.

I had read a long time ago that Walnut trees were poisonous to mules. We have a few of those in our pasture too. Sometimes I wonder if that is why my beloved Red, my first equine who was a mule got cancer. There is no way to know for sure, but I always wondered. I didn’t know he had cancer until I had to have him euthanized and the vet did a necropsy on him. They couldn’t figure out why he was so sick and in so much pain until then.

I hope this article helps anyone who has, or wants to own a horse, mule donkey or whatever equine, to check out the trees in the area first.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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