Rain Clouds Have Missed Us Again!

We have had a few small rains in the last couple of weeks, but not near enough of what we need. We were supposed to get a little more on November 5, but they went around us. But they made an interesting and pretty display of clouds.


And to the very right of the picture, a cute little dog is sitting in the clouds.


As the clouds skim across the sky to the northeast, the dog becomes more prominent. It’s so cute! 🙂


And begins to howl. Or maybe it is a dolphin now? What do you see?



And now they are gone back to the clouds to rest.


Stay Safe and God Bless!


6 responses to “Rain Clouds Have Missed Us Again!

  1. You can keep the fog Roma, but we would take some rain. Running out of time for just rain. We have been down to freezing a couple of nights this week. I am not ready for snow. And definitely not ice! Hope you get clearer and drier soon. 🙂


  2. A very good assessment of the clouds, Jason. I am always seeing things in the clouds that my husband can’t see. But he is the one who pointed out the dog shape this time. Dog, Dolphin or Mountains. They were pretty that evening. Hope you see lots of silver lined clouds for the rest of the year. Ask your daughters what they see. I would love to hear what they think. 😀


  3. First K9 walk for a week where I / we haven’t got wet through, the fog has lifted ..so at least I can see where I’m walking, and it means the drive into ‘The Workplace’ is safer
    It is still very mild though, I still have my back door open most days in November this is quite something,
    hope it doesn’t get too cold too soon for you x

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  4. It is always scary to drive in even light fog for me. I always feel disoriented, and always thinking something is right ahead. I don’t like not seeing far enough ahead to stop. Glad you have been getting to work safely. It is amazing how wet a fog can be. It has been cold in the mornings, but a little warmer in the afternoons. I dread the colder weather as I get older. I can feel it in my joints more. Have a safe week. 🙂

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