Our Veterans Day was a simple parade around the Holton square. Not a very big parade but there were several people to watch and the school children were able to come and attend and watch.

Hubby and I belong to the local Lions Club of Holton, Kansas and a member of our group brought his Kabota and trailer for any of us that wanted to be in the parade. Hubby, I and five others rode on bales of straw on the trailer.

2015 November 11 Veterans Day parade in Holton. Lions Club float (1)

2015 November 11 Veterans Day parade in Holton. Lions Club float (2)

It was fun to see all the children waving and holding flags. And some of the older veterans watching the parade. Two of the local High Schools had their marching bands, and the Armory came with some big trucks. I would have taken some more pictures, but my battery was very low on my phone. I didn’t realize it until I took these pictures.

The only problem with the day was the wind was blowing anywhere from 35-45 mph. Leaves and dust was blowing everywhere.The sun did come out for the parade though. It was nice other than that.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day to honor their war heroes.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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