Jenny is Doing MUCH Better!

I went out to check on Jenny on Monday and she was walking much better. She still has a very slight limp, but you have to watch pretty closely to see it. I am glad, not only for her, but because the trip to the vet was on Wednesday and the winds were going to be, and were at 35-45 mph. I did not want to pull the trailer with an injured donkey in that kind of wind. I did wait until Tuesday to cancel just to make sure she was on the mend. I haven’t had to give her any Bute for a couple days now. I did give her some Monday night just to make sure she got through the night okay. I took the video on Wednesday so I apologize for the roar of wind. And as I watch the video, you will have to excuse all the road apples in the paddock.

And another good thing was that since it was Veterans Day, Holton was having their Veterans Day parade and our Lions Club was riding in it. It was VERY windy. Especially when we rounded a corner and headed south and then back west. It was a long two blocks heading in those two directions. With trying to wave at all the people and keeping the leaves and dust out of your face. Several children were trying to wave and had to suddenly duck and cover their faces. But we all endured and after a ten or fifteen minute parade, we made it back to our vehicles and the children went back to school. And the veterans went back to other activities or home. There were several eating places in Holton that were giving free meals to all the veterans. Active and retired.

I kind of got off the subject of Jenny, but that is okay. It is good to be reminded that I am not perfect. 🙂 I hope you all have a great day and weekend.

Stay Safe and God Bless!


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