My Hubby

As most of you know from my past posts, I call my husband, Hubby. He didn’t particularly want his name out there, and I understand that. But as I have noticed that when I name my videos and pictures and then put them on my blog, I have been putting his name out there anyway. And I am sure I have called him by name in some of my earlier posts.

Also as we are in our sixties now, well, I will be 60 in February, and he is only 61, it seems kind of silly to call him Hubby. I like it. And I call him that now and then. And his picture is out there as well, so from now on I will refer to my beloved husband as Tom. Which is his name. Tom. So there you are. Now you have a name and a face. Besides, my name is out there. He can be out there with me too.  Have a wonderful evening. 🙂

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Self portrait. Lol March 23, 2012

5 responses to “My Hubby

  1. Sweet! It’s funny the nicknames we give our loved ones. I call my husband, Hoot. It was his sense of humor that won me over some 41 years ago. I think I probably responded to something he said or did with that old cliche, “You’re a Hoot!” 😉

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