Just a Big Hello

I have been sort of busy and really tired this week. And I think I am in pre-holiday depression. Holidays for me are really stressful with my family. We are so dysfunctional that it is hard to get together and have a good time. But I am having Thanksgiving dinner here at the farm this year. A cousin that we grew up with is coming in from New Mexico. We were together with her family during holidays and just to get together a lot. It will be good to see her. My Mom and daughter and granddaughter will be here as well. My son is still living here until April of 2016. Then he is supposed to move out. Yay! Sorry, I am ready to have our two person household back. I love my family, it is just better from a distance.

My Mom had to have a bladder sling surgery this past Monday. It went well and she was home the same afternoon. She was pretty sore, but is doing better today. I spent the night with her and slept, sort of, on the couch. I was really tired Tuesday morning and was glad to get home. I went to bed at 8:30pm Tuesday night and didn’t get up until about 9am Wednesday morning. I usually don’t sleep that long. Guess I really needed the sleep. My CPAP machine said I had it on for 9 plus hours. The longest it has ever been on. 🙂

I did make my TOPS meeting Tuesday afternoon and surprisingly I stayed the same weight as last week. Last week was a gain though. At least I didn’t gain this week. Sitting around the hospital made me want to munch. And I did. But I did walk too. I haven’t gotten too many walks in this last two weeks. And the weather has turned colder now and then. The last week has been true strange Kansas weather. Sunday or Monday evening had tornadoes in western Kansas. By the next day they had snow. One area got 20 inches.

And even though it is not weather related, there was a 4.7 earthquake in Cherokee, Oklahoma that was felt here in Kansas and part of western Missouri. I didn’t feel it, but I guess others did. Wichita, Kansas had so minor damage. Wichita is about three hours from us.

Since I will be busy next week, taking Mom to her follow up appointment and getting ready for Thanksgiving, I have decided to try and get several posts on to be published at different times. I have a lot of things I wanted to post about over the last few months. I have decided that I might try to finish out the year with these posts. Of course I will try and make up to date posts now and then as well.

I do want to apologize for not getting to all the posts from my followers and readers, that I have been wanting to catch up on. I will try hard to get that done. Some of my responses will be way behind, but I want to keep up as much as I can. I hope you all have a great day and weekend.

Stay Safe and God Bless!


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