Time Again to Wean Calves

Hello. Finally getting something posted. We decided to wean the biggest of our ten calves on the Monday before Thanksgiving, November 23. Two heifers will stay with their moms until they are a little bigger. They were the last born in July or August. I can’t remember which. They weren’t too upset in the beginning, but come dinner time, I am sure they will be making a bit of a fuss. And they did. Not sure which was making more noise, the calves or the cows. I think it was the calves. Except for maybe the first time Moms.

One of the heifers was being a smart alec and decided she didn’t want to be separated. But we finally got her in. I think it was the next day. It took a little bit and she really didn’t want to come in. One of the bull calves managed to get out a few days later. We finally got him back in on Thursday December 3. Or maybe it was Wednesday. I am writing this post today, Friday December 4. I am playing catch up since I didn’t manage to get anything on before Thanksgiving like I wanted to.

One of the smallest heifers has decided she really wants to get into her hay food. Mom is standing beside her.

2015 November 24 Annstasia's calf is up in the bale feeder (1)

2015 November 24 Annstasia's calf is up in the bale feeder (2)

An ice storm moved in starting Thanksgiving night and the cows decided to move off to the cedar tree stand where we hay them for the winter. They tried to brave the ice for about a day and a half to stay beside their separated babies, but couldn’t do it. Usually they stay close and bawl for about a week or more, but this time it was short and sweet. We then had to get out and get a bale of hay down to them. Tom had to beat the ice off with a stick in order for me to cut and pull the strings off. Then we had to take the red bale ring in the above pictures down to the cedar stand. I rolled it with the ATV since it was so cold and windy. It was not much quicker than walking it down, but not quite so bad. I would have had to walk facing the north wind and walk back. It is only about a quarter of a mile, but with the wind in your face making it really cold, I really didn’t want to walk. I got back quicker on the ATV. Stay warm and safe wherever you all are.

Stay Safe and God Bless!


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