We are hearing a lot from people we know and strangers that we are in for a hard and cold winter. I don’t know if we are or not. As weird as the weather patterns are around the world, and all the more prominent signs from the Bible, I would not be surprised.

I started this post on November 14 and am just now getting back to it. The cows and horses were getting thick coats in late October. And Diamond, who changes colors every spring and winter, has gotten her blackish winter coat earlier than usual this year.

September 27, 2015 Diamond is turning dark already. This is the color she turns in the winter

Thanksgiving Day was drizzly in the morning, and in the 60s. By mid afternoon the temperatures dropped into the 40s and was raining. By the time everybody headed home, I think there might have been some light snow mixed in. But then it turned into freezing rain during the night. On Friday it was a little frosty and there was a layer of ice on the grass and fences.




We had to use the tractor and bale spear to break the bale ring loose so we could lift it and move it to the next bale.


The hot wires keeping the cows in from the hay ground is coated and the grass is laid over and coated with ice.


It rained off and on for most of Friday and Saturday. My son and our cousin that grew up in Lawrence was going to the KU/KState game in Lawrence Saturday afternoon. Our cousin went to KU and had tickets. Other than the fact that it was icy, cold and KState beat KU, I think they had a good time at the game. At least as much as you can freezing during the game. I was glad to stay home where it was warm in the house. Besides our granddaughter was still here through Sunday. We had about .25 or more inches of ice by the time it was done.

The ice turned to rain sometime Sunday and continued through Monday. That helped to finish off the ice and left us with mud. Better than ice. It sure would have been nice to get this badly needed moisture a couple of months ago when it was warmer.

This is what it looked like around here on Sunday after Thanksgiving. The hot wires were down and we had to knock off the ice to get them back up.

IMAG0316 IMAG0317 IMAG0318 IMAG0319 IMAG0320 IMAG0321 IMAG0322 IMAG0323 IMAG0324 IMAG0325 IMAG0326

Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanks giving and are having better weather. I am not ready for snow, but it would be preferable to ice.

Stay Safe and God Bless!




11 responses to “A BAD WINTER?

  1. Brrr, that looks frigid. We are just now getting some cold nights in California. Still praying for that El Nino rain they are predicting. Taking it’s time arriving. We are doomed if we don’t get rain this year. All the lakes are dusting out. Scary.

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  2. Thanks for the blog, chrllrobb. I live in Orlando, Florida, so such reports from the frigid Midwest are always interesting. Being originally from NYC, I find accounts of farm life fascinating. Really enjoy the pictures. I pray Godkeeps you warm this winter and provides bountifully. In Christ, David Ettinger

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  3. Praying that you get the rain you need and not so much at at time to make it flood. That seems to be a big issue when it does rain in drought areas.
    How is your husband doing with his CPAP? I am still feeling better with mine, but I have kind of strayed off walking and eating right after Thanksgiving. I can sure feel the difference. Have a great week. It is good to hear from you. I was worried about all of you during all the wild fires these past few months.

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  4. Thank you David. I have never been to Florida. It is hot and humid enough here for me. Too much sometimes. I have lived in Kansas all my life in the big city of Topeka. I have always loved horses and always wanted one. I never thought I would own one, let alone four and a donkey. God has blessed me. I could use a blessing of more money now and then. I am horse poor! They are an expensive hobby. 😀 But I love them and our dogs. The cows are a project of my husbands. He grew up in the country and we both love it. I hope you enjoy my posts. Have a wonderful week. God Bless!


  5. It was fun to catch up on your news. Your cattle are looking good, all fat and sassy. Your mare is getting so dark and chocolate in her winter coat too. How are her feet doing? We are doing well, other than sweating over our wells. The rain can’t come fast enough. Butler is doing so much better with his CPAP. I didn’t even realize how exhausted he was until I see how much better he looks now. He was at the edge and in denial. Finally he is getting fairly decent sleep. He has some ups and downs still. He had to change out his tube to one with a heating mechanism, but it dries his mouth out terribly, so he is going to see what his doctor says about that. Also the mask rubs his nose on one side and he has to wear a bandaid all the time, little things, but all in all no more serious twitching. I’m so elated that we can finally sleep together again. I’m sure you can relate with your improved energy level. Don’t be hard on yourself about dieting over the holidays. It’s better to be realistic and try to stay within a certain calorie range. If you cheat, exercise more that week. I battle my weight every day and I know how tough it is 🙂

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  6. Diamond’s and Lily’s feet are doing better since they are off the grass and eating mostly hay. When the weather is really dry I do let them out on grass now and then. Tom found some prairie hay and we bought 10 bales. I have three left. But, I can get more from the same source.
    I am glad to hear that Butler is doing that Butler is doing better with his CPAP. I was having the same problem with the nose mask rubbing my nose and I found some small band-aids and used them on my cheek areas. My machine came with a setting for making my hose warmer or cooler. My mouth gets dry too sometimes. His has a humidifier to keep his nose from drying out too doesn’t it? Ours do. I still get dry in the mouth but it doesn’t seem too bad. Tom still doesn’t seem to get as much benefit from his. I think he needs to check with the doctor to see what he can try different. He isn’t snoring any more though. That’s nice. 🙂
    I will get back to walking again. I was just busy cleaning house for Thanksgiving and then the ice came through. So I wasn’t getting to much walking outdoors. Except for the day we had to walk along the hot wires and knock the ice off so the cows wouldn’t get out. Have a great week!

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  7. Glad to hear your girls are doing better. Laminitis is something you always have to be proactive with, but luckily they seem to be responding well with diet. Sounds like dry mount is a common affliction with Apnea machines then. Darn. I was hoping there was an easy answer. He keeps up with regular mouth wash and dental cleanings. I saw your last post that you are back to your walking. Way more fun than a gym 🙂 Happy trails! Have a great week too.

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  8. I could really feel the difference when I wasn’t walking. Even just the last two that I got in this week has made me feel better.
    Sorry I didn’t have better news for Butler’s dry mouth. I try and take a big drink before going to bed, and if I get up to let a dog out I get a drink then too. Hope he will get something worked out. Does he sometimes sleep with his mouth open? If so he may have to check into a full face mask. I am going to try some new nose pieces they have come out with. You two have a great week too. 🙂

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