We Get A Lot of Visitors

Life around the farm means a lot of different and sometimes strange visitors. Well, maybe not strange for the country. Some are cute, and some are good to avoid. This year has seen quite a few over the summer months. The Barn swallows returned again and made their nests on the north porch.

2015 July 25, Barnswallow nest from below

2015 June 6, One pair of the Barnswallows are back.

2015 August 1, The baby Barnswallows are getting big. They will be flying soon.  2015 July 28, Newest baby Barnswallows are hatched and growing (1)  2015 June 30, The Barnswallows built a new nest

Sometime over the summer months I noticed that there was a small frog that like to sit on our north door to catch bugs. It grew to be a pretty good size. The light from our living room would draw bugs. At some point I realized there was another small frog doing the same thing. A baby of the first one? I don’t know, but it grew up to a nice size by eating plenty of bugs. There was also a third small on later on. I couldn’t get the tongue action on video. It was too quick and you could barely see it unless you were watching real close. Kind of fascinating. And funny to watch.  I apologize for the flash in the reflection. I am guessing that they were tree frogs, but I am not sure.       2015 August 1, One of two or three frogs that sits on our north door at night to catch bugs. This is the smaller one.

Around July 20th, we had a snapping turtle cross our driveway. I am just glad the dogs weren’t out at the time. Or if they had been they wisely avoided it.  2015 July 20, A visitor in our driveway (1)

2015 July 20, A visitor in our driveway (2)

We usually don’t see too many. Especially in the yard. We have seen a few in the yard over the years, but this year we have seen several of them. If not in the yard, then out in the pasture.  Tom had seen a badger roaming the pasture for awhile this summer. I never got the chance to see it, but I have seen the nice big holes it has left in the terraces.

And this little guy/gal decided to rest on our south porch railing in June.

2015 June 6 Small frog sitting on our porch bannister (1)

2015 June 6 Small frog sitting on our porch bannister (2)

And this cute little turtle was on the sidewalk in front of the house in May. I don’t know what kind of turtle it is, but it sure was cute. And so small! 🙂

2015 May 25, Baby  turtle on our sidewalk. Think it may be a snapping turtle (1)

2015 May 25, Baby  turtle on our sidewalk. Think it may be a snapping turtle (2)

I will share some more visitors in another post. I will close this one for now. Have a great upcoming week.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

6 responses to “We Get A Lot of Visitors

  1. Thank you Sally. Yes, I don’t want to mess with the snapping turtles. They are surprisingly quick. I found that out the first time I seen one so close to our Morton Building. I tried carefully to move it along with a stick. Barely touched it and it whipped around very quickly! I left it alone after that and kept the dogs in until it was gone. 😀

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  2. Well, actually we are pretty bad about keeping them knocked down. But the Barn Swallows must eat them. We see more nests than actual wasps! Most are old. We see a few now and then, but not as long as the birds are here. 🙂

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  3. Well I am assuming they did. Not sure. I just know that we didn’t see too many wasps the last two years the Barn Swallows nested on our porch. As long as the wasps stay away. 😀


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