Afternoon Video Rewind -Chihuahua Yoga

Anybody for Yoga? Just follow this Chihuahua and his handsome instructor and you can do it. Love this. It is so funny and cute. I got a lot of good chuckles and did a lot of oohs and ahs. Enjoy!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

I seem to remember that when I posted this the first time that it was more the Italian Instructor who drew the most comments…the chihuahua is of course very cute!

Would love your feedback on your Yoga experiences and Chihuahua stories!

Enjoy and do not wear out the replay button…..

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5 responses to “Afternoon Video Rewind -Chihuahua Yoga

  1. I just love this video, Cheryl. I’ve seen it before, but I could watch it over and over and over! Thanks for sharing — fun to watch again! 🙂

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