Tales from the Garden – Guest Post by Sally Cronin

Another wonderful book coming out by Sally Cronin. I have read the Sam, A Shaggy Dog Story. If you like a good dog story, then you will like this book. It is the true story about Sally’s dog, she and her husband got as a puppy. It is a tale of his traveling from Ireland to Spain and meeting new animal friends and losing some of those friends. The lovely garden he lords over and is his final resting place. It is a story of his love for his humans, and his human’s love for him. This new book sounds like another great story of the same garden. And all of the visitors and stories that are there.

Jo Robinson

Thank you so much to my much loved friend and talented author Sally Cronin, for being my guest here today to introduce her new book, Tales from the Garden. It’s full of wonderful, and sometimes wistful tales, as well as gorgeous photos. It’s joyful to move to exciting new climes but also a little sad to leave behind old friends. This is a beautiful book. I’ve been dipping into it now and will review later, but already I recommend it heartily. I’ll be back to normal transmission here tomorrow by the way, and catch up with comments, but for now Sally’s in charge. Over to you Sal!
Tales From The Garden – Behind the scenes – by Sally Cronin

Tales From the Garden small- Cover

My deep thanks to my friend Jo for hosting me today. Also for all her support over the last two years for my blog and other projects that I have been…

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