My Strange Mood

Well, I think I know why I was in a strange mood last week. I knew something was not quite right and now I know why. My daughter has always hung around the wrong kinds of people, and when she had our granddaughter, she never quit hanging around with the wrong people. Today she had a court date with my granddaughter for truancy from last school year. And I think granddaughter has missed a few days this year as well.

I went in with them and it wasn’t supposed to be too big deal, but during the process we found out there was a warrant out for my daughter’s arrest in I think it said trespassing and robbery. Where and when this happened I am not sure. I just know it was last month. And it wasn’t the first time. She just got off probation for the same sort of thing. The really bad part about it was that she was arrested in front of our granddaughter. She burst into tears and I started to cry because granddaughter was crying and it was a mess.

The sheriff did talk to granddaughter and try and calm her. That didn’t help her much. She just give him the evil eye. But she is doing okay for now. She is here with us. I have been worried about the situation with her and her mom for awhile. Now I think we are going to try and get temporary custody of her. Granddaughter has another upcoming court date about the truancy, and the advocate assigned to her is going to suggest that we get temporary custody. I don’t know what is going to happen yet.

We need lots of prayer and pray that things will go okay now and in the future for all of us.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Sandy, Sasha napping on my lap Oct.6, 2013

4 responses to “My Strange Mood

  1. Thank you David. It was a blow to both of us. Even though I knew she was running in the wrong crowds, I didn’t think she had done anything for awhile. I called the jail today to see exactly what she had done. It was trespass and aggravated robbery. Which means she may have had a weapon of some kind. Scares me and makes me very mad that she has put her daughter in this danger.

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