My First Video of 2016

Hello all, I have made my first video of the new year. Yesterday Granddaughter was feeling a little better and wanting to go outside. On top of everything else, she was getting sick. I took her to the doctor and got her some medicine. She finally slept a little better last night.

Back to yesterday afternoon. Since it was going to be very cold today, we went out to put a bale of hay in for the cows. Granddaughter came out to watch and help. We checked on the horses and Jenny. I was feeling silly and climbed into the half eaten hay in the bale ring. Granddaughter laughed and I invited her in. She finally did and we had a good, silly time. Even Bear joined us.

2016 January 16 Being silly in the bale ring.  (1)

2016 January 16 Being silly in the bale ring.  (2)

We both needed to chill and laugh and have a good time. Wishing all of you a good and happy day and week.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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