Quick Post About the Equifest

Hello all, I am sorry I haven’t gotten anything on yet about my two wonderful days of the Equifest in Topeka, Kansas. I went for two of the three days. Sunday my family all went out to eat at the Texas Road House for my birthday. The food was delicious and we mostly had a good time. The only real problem was that it can get very noisy with the music and the waiters and waitresses do a line dance now and then. We couldn’t see them while they danced, but we could hear them!

I took so many pictures and videos at the Equifest that I used up all available space on my camera phone, and used up all my data trying to get them uploaded. Not sure why I used all my data since everything is supposed to upload on WIFI only. Of course I already had some pictures and videos already on the phone before the Equifest. I am working on getting things ready for what will probably be a two or three part post. I am now working on getting the videos on YouTube so I can get them on my post. But in the meantime, here are a few pictures that I took.

The horses in these pictures are Frisians. They are so beautiful to watch. They are a close favorite with the Gypsy Vanners.

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Friesian horses (1)

This picture doesn’t do justice to the beautiful flowing mane. It was so long and wavy.

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Friesian horses (3)

Just one of the many riders that did a performance on these wonderful horses. I have a video I will post later. I need to get it on You Tube.

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Friesian horses (4)

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Friesian horses (5)

This is one of the Gypsy Vanners. Just out of the shower. His feathers weren’t dry yet. But still beautiful.

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses (3)

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses (4)

I love the feathered feet! I have a video of these beauties too.

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses (1)

I will try and get another post on soon. Hopefully within the next day or two.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

12 responses to “Quick Post About the Equifest

  1. Thank you David! And you did give me a Penblwydd Hapus on an earlier post. But I will gladly take a second one. You are so sweet. 21! Times about three and you will be closer! 60 to be exact. Hugs and Kisses!

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  2. Well then, Happy Belated Birthday to you! And I don’t really think old old until about the eighties. I think that is getting up there. After all it is only 20 years from being a century old! I feel old some days but not quite that old. 😀

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  3. I sooooo loved the Frisians, but I truly love anything that even resembles a horse. I am horse crazy! I am hoping to get the video up and running real soon. I did have a good time. It usually is held in Wichita, Kansas which is about a three hour drive. I was so excited when I found out it would be in Topeka this year. Only a 20-30 minuted drive. I can handle that. And I didn’t have to stay at a hotel. 🙂


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