What a Week!

Last week has been a bit hectic and tiring. Of course it does not compare in any way to the bombings in Brussels, and then with the sad news today of a bombing in an area where mostly women and their children were enjoying themselves. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to all involved in these two terrible and cowardly acts of terrorism.

As for my week, my daughter wound up in the hospital on Tuesday March 22. She was getting a Mammogram when she got sick and was throwing up. Apparently they got her to the hospital which was only about two or three blocks away. I guess she was also complaining about pain in her right side and back. The hospital decided to keep her overnight after ruling out kidney stones, and she has already had her gallbladder out, and she got sick again right before they were going to release her. The doctors wanted to watch her and check for signs of appendix problems. They ruled that out on about the third day in the hospital, but then her urine was dark and had some white flakes from white blood cells in it. I think I am remembering all this right. She had been taking some antibiotics for a sinus infection, and apparently not only did they kill the bad stuff, it also killed some of the good cells too. By Friday they said she something called C Diff or something like that. I think I have the right word. The definition sounds right anyway. She was contagious until she was put on another antibiotic. She finally got to go home on Saturday after the only Pharmacy in Topeka could fill the prescription. Out of the many Pharmacies in town, only Walgreens at 10th Street and Topeka Blvd could fill it. The hospital said that was the only one that would and or could fill it. I am not sure why.

Tuesday afternoon I picked up our granddaughter from school and since we had a Lions Club meeting in which we had guests coming with us that night, my son took her to eat supper and to the hospital to see her Mom. This was before we knew she was contagious. Granddaughter did get sick during the night and had to stay home from school on Wednesday. I am not sure if it was something she ate, nerves or what. Granddaughter did make it back to school on Thursday and Friday. The only bad part of that was that she had to get up earlier than when she is in town, since we live 30 plus miles north of Topeka. A long drive to and from school. For both of us. 🙂

I did not get to the hospital until Thursday. I was in daughter’s room with her for awhile, but did not get sick or anything. It wasn’t until Friday that the testing showed the C Diff.

On Wednesday evening (March 23) during all this, I had let the dogs out on the north porch and smelled smoke. A lot of smoke. When I looked around I could see that it was spread out all over the area, but no fire. At least not close. I knew there was a fire to the south of us where a fire had started in Oklahoma and spread into Kansas. It was well over about 60-100 miles away from us, but as the winds were blowing 40-50 mph, the smoke was reaching Topeka and our area. As of Eeaster morning it was still burning. I pray that it gets put out soon. Very soon. It has burned over 600 square miles. About 450,000 acres.

On Thursday March 24, my Mom had called while I was at the hospital with my granddaughter after school so she could see her Mom before we headed home. She works as a temp for the Kansas Department of Revenue. For the first time in a long time, one of the mail openers opened an envelope and a white powder was in it. My Mom wasn’t opening mail, but she is in the same area as the mail openers. So they all had to stay until things were determined to be safe. Thankfully it was not harmful and everyone was allowed to go home after things settled down. Mom said they all got paid overtime, since it happened right before quitting time.

Easter Sunday I just kicked back and chilled. Took a walk around the pasture and sat by the hay bale with my horses and tried to relax.

Have a great week everyone. I sure hope I do! 🙂

Stay Safe and God Bless!

3 responses to “What a Week!

  1. I’m glad I didn’t have to face a week like yours Cheryll but I’m sorry you did and hope things are returning to normal now. Fingers crossed this will be a great week for you.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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