Well, my day was different. I had to go to Topeka to do a few things. Coming home I was coming down one of the gravel roads that has a four way stop. Now I do usually stop. Mostly. There is very rarely any traffic coming. Once in awhile there is.

Well, today my son had called me on the cell phone and I was talking to him as I approached the stop sign and barely braked and went around the corner. It was then I realized a sheriff was setting there watching. Oops! I hung up real quick and watched my rear view mirror. Yep, he was coming around the corner with lights flashing. Okay, I’m caught. I pulled over, got out my license and put my hands on the wheel where he could see them. As he walked up to the car I held out the license and smiled sheepishly. He was very nice and said I need to stop at the stop signs. He wanted to know if I lived around here and I said yes. He wanted to know if I came this particular way all the time. I said I sometimes do to be different. I sometimes go straight after the stop sign.

I guess the neighbors have been complaining about people not stopping and speeding down the roads. I was NOT speeding, but I do have a bad habit of not coming to a complete stop. This time I did not stop as much as I usually do. My bad! And of course there is very rarely anyone coming or going down the road. Today two vehicles passed as I was waiting for a check to see if I was wanted by the law for anything. Thankfully I didn’t know either people in the cars. 😀

The sheriff came back and said good news. I was not wanted by the law, so he was going to let me off with a warning and a smile. He also reminded me to STOP at the sign next time. I said I would and said thank you and headed on home.

And a little ways down the road as I approached the next corner, a horse comes trotting down a driveway and down the road. With no rider, saddle or bridle. I don’t know how he/she got out but it looked like it knew where it wanted to go. I followed it down the road, and as a truck came from the other side it went into a driveway leading to more horses in a pen. It turns out it belonged to the son of the couple living in the area where the horse went to. I guess it wanted to visit, 🙂

Hope you all had a great day. Have a great and safe weekend.

Stay Safe and God Bless!


Our Bradford Pear is looking better than usual this year.


9 responses to “HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!

  1. Wow, what a day you’ve had, Cheryl! So glad the officer didn’t give you a ticket (nice guy, really) and then to see a horse! The horse seems like he might have been a “good luck” omen, lol. Hope you have a fun yet relaxing weekend. 🙂

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  2. We are going to a baby shower in Lincoln Nebraska for the weekend. I am ready to get away for a couple of days. It really isn’t too far. A couple of hours, but we wanted to stay the night and maybe get to visit with our niece and nephew. It is their first baby. My son will be here to watch over things and hopefully not have any troubles. 🙂


  3. Enjoy the baby shower, Cheryl. Sounds like great fun, and of course such a happy occasion. I’m sure all will be well at home, and the critters will be happy to see you back. 🙂 Hey, it snowed here last night! What an April Fool’s joke! LOL

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  4. Hi Debra! We are back home and everything is fine. Sandy is letting me know she is not very happy being left behind, but she is laying next to me now as I am chatting with you.
    The baby shower was great and fun. Lots of good apple and lemon/bluebery cookies, fresh fruit and crackers,meat and cheese. And lots of pink, yellow, green and blue popcorn to eat! The parents-to-be didn’t want to know the sex of the baby yet so all the colors were a great idea. And good! I need to ask their permission to use their pictures in a blog post. I forgot to ask before we left the part. Had a great time and was able to get there early enough to have lunch with both or our nieces and their husbands before the party. They are Tom’s sister’s children. She passed away from colon cancer when they were about 12 and 15. The older niece has two boys, the last one being born this past December. The younger niece, who’s party was Saturday, is a first time mother-to-be. We had a great time.
    I guess it snowed Friday in Lincoln too. But it was a nice day Saturday for the party. Have a great rest of your Sunday. 🙂


  5. Cheryl, sounds like you had a wonderful time! So glad you got to enjoy a festive, party atmosphere — it’s what we all need coming out of the doldrums of winter. You made me hungry telling me all the different foods that were served — yum! (It’s close to dinner as I write this, go figure, lol). Wishing you a relaxing whatever’s left of Sunday. Sunny here, no snow (but I’m back in Indiana now where it’s always 10 degrees warmer) — but windy! My gosh, hold onto your hat! 🙂

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