How To Help a Suicidal Person Overcome the Urge…

This is a very good and serious post. I deal with depression, but thankfully it is not as severe as some people have. My most dangerous thing would be to overeat, or want to smack the crap out of someone. Although when I was younger and drinking, I did try to, or at least thought about killing myself. I scared myself and God must have had a few angels there, because I came to my senses and thought; “this is stupid”. But not everyone can pull themselves out. Please read and share this post. Help and pray for anyone who is in this position. Watch and learn the signs. Love and prayers to you all.
Stay Safe and God Bless!
❤ ❤

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Although my blog is primarily for Authors and Readers to get together, there are causes I feel need (and can) to be addressed by everyone, regardless of who or where they are, but especially by authors and bloggers, who have a greater influence than most.

Depression and suicides appear to be on the increase due to all sorts of reasons, from fear of terrorism to health issues through to job losses, etc.

Young Sam has already appeared on my blogHERE discussing depression (which many of you went to, shared and gave his efforts a big boost).

This is a follow-up post from him that I hope will be shared even more.

It should be noted that although Sam’s blog is especially aimed at Teenagers, he is trying to help everyone.


When a family member tries to commit suicide, the entire family is plunged into confusion and grief. Life is instinctually valued by all of…

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