More Equifest Pictures…Finally!

I guess I have been distracted enough. I was planning to get the rest of these pictures on long before now. But as usual my plans seem to get changed for me. Of course the week my daughter was in the hospital couldn’t be helped. Since then I have been up and down in my moods. And of course this last weekend was a happy instance for one of our nieces. She and her husband live in Lincoln Nebraska, and we went up for her first baby shower. Lots of good food, fun and visiting. I just got reminded at how much I get tired of sitting in a car for a couple of hours. 😀 But it was worth it to see some of the family again and get away for a night.

Now onto the Equifest. I have forgotten where I left off. I had to go back and see what pictures I had on from the first day. These will be mostly from the second day.

As I was looking I found a draft of Equifest Part 3. I will post it after I get this one on. Sorry they will be out of order. Oh well. I hope you aren’t bored yet and still enjoy the lovely pictures and videos of these beautiful animals.

This Gypsy just got out of the shower and is still being readied for a show.

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses (3)

2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses (4)

Here is a video of the beautiful Gypsy Vanners. I apologize for the video being cut short. As I stated in one or more of the past posts, I took so many videos and pictures I used up all my data and space on my phone. I was very excited to be here. 😀

This beautiful team was in a carriage driving event that was actually being timed for competition on both days. I believe that all the teams were from the Carriage and Driving Society of Kansas City. They all did pretty well. It was hard to not root for them all. I was particularly drawn to this team because they were so cute and I absolutely loved the manes on them. They are naturally white and black. Many people, me included, wondered it they were dyed that way. But they are not. I forget what the breed is called.


2016 February 26 and 27. Beautiful Gypsy Vanner horses (5)

Stay Safe and God Bless!


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