I Should Apologize

Or at least give some excuses why I haven’t been posting much lately. First off I haven’t really felt like posting. I have plenty that I could have been posting about. I just have been tired and busy and a little depressed now and then. Since April between getting my daughter to her Truancy court meetings and her being in the hospital, and getting my granddaughter to and from school while her mother was in the hospital, and running back and forth for my mother, I have just been like blah!

I haven’t been walking as much as I was and should have been because of the rain. We finally did get the rain we needed in April, but now it is coming more than we need right now. We haven’t had it too bad, but some farmers have lost crops due to flooding already and hail damage. Thankfully we haven’t had it as bad as Alberta, Canada, or Minnesota with the wild fires. I have many prayers going out to all involved in those two cases. I was praying some of our rain would move their way and help with putting out those fires.

And of course this past week, my son has finally moved back out to Topeka last Tuesday. YAY!!!! We are empty nesters again! He was only supposed to be here for about a year at the most. It has been three. Now I love my kids, but I REALLY missed having my house with just the two of us. Especially when I get the rolling eyes and sighs if he is asked to help do anything. Sorry, got on my whining box again.

And since we are hosting our Robb family reunion on Memorial Day here, I took advantage to start in his room and thoroughly clean it out. As it is a bedroom turned into my library, I decided to take all the books off the shelves and dust. And was it ever dusty! Then I rearranged some. And I moved my computer in here. Our other bedroom turned computer room and junk collecter room, will be turned back into a bedroom for our granddaughter when she comes up.



And I am still cleaning. I have about half the house done and will work on the other half this coming week in between running to Topeka and my TOPS group on Tuesday.

Also we are in calving season. We had our first calf yesterday. I want to get a post on about that soon. We are expecting five more in the next four or five weeks. Maybe sooner. Tom keeps track of that.

Have a great week everyone and I will try and get on again soon. Take care.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

Oh and it was our 18th anniversary this month! Love you Tom! ❤ XXXOOO

May 16, 1998 Some of our wedding pics (1)

18 responses to “I Should Apologize

  1. Thank you Roma! I had to say something to get it started. 😀 I hope not to be off so long. I am still working in cleaning the house this week. I had a terrible time getting started today. Finally got the living room done. But that was all. Besides getting supper ready. Have a great week. 🙂


  2. We were out. And we stayed in since we eat out a lot anyway. It was just the two of us since my son was working and it was nice and quiet! It was nice. 😀


  3. Roma, it is not one of my favorite things to do. I usually let it go for way too long. And we are wanting to do some upgrading and remodeling. At least I am! I am needing to go through things and finally throwing some unneeded “keepsakes” away. Or give them away, and/or have a huge yard sale. It is quite the chore. But it has helped me drop a few pounds! 😀


  4. One of the many perks of city girl gone country, Trini. I LOVE the country and sitting in a porch swing on a nice day and reading or just enjoying the natural pictures of a green hay field, animals and sunsets. I do see a few sunrises too. 🙂


  5. If you lived closer I’d beat your yard sale like a shot !! I’ve just had a cleaning blitz around the cottage & I’m sure there is only me who knows what I’ve done LOL

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