Memories are made of this – 50th celebrations, Mountains, Country and Greek Weddings.

I have to reblog this because of the lovely pictures, but most of all because of the Ann Murry video. The words are so meaningful for someone who is truly with the one and only love in their life. And the one to make so many special memories with.
I have to quote one thing in the video: “Don’t spend your life with someone you can live with- Spend it with someone you can’t live without.” That is so meaningful, and I am glad I finally found the one I cannot live without! Love you Tom.
Stay Safe and God Bless!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

2002 got off to a great start as it was David’s 50th birthday in early January. To celebrate we booked a chalet in Chamonix as one of his favourite pastimes was skiing.  We went to Geneva first and as it was my sister’s 60th birthday in the February we brought her out to join us. David’s brother and his girlfriend arrived later.  We stayed in one of the older hotels on the shore of the lake and enjoyed two days exploring the gardens and shops before heading up to Chamonix.  Here we are in the lobby before heading into dinner.

118-1809_IMGWe arrived in Chamonix after some great snow had fallen and the skiiers amongst us took to the slopes whilst the rest of us enjoyed sitting drinking coffee looking up at the magnificent scenery or waited for them at the bars at the end of the slopes!

However, we were…

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