Four Calves Born..Two To Go

My apologies to a special young man in England that I didn’t get this post on before now. I hope he has time to see it before he goes home from Grandma and Grandpa’s.

I, along with many other Holton Lions members, have been busy running a food canteen and pie booth at a Prairie Pickers at the Prairie Lake of Holton, Kansas. We were there Thursday and Friday evening, and most of the day Saturday. The heat and humidity was high, so we were pretty hot at times. Thankfully there was a nice breeze now and then from off the lake.

Now for the highlights. We have started having our 2016 calves in April. We have four live calves that are doing great. Two more to go. Jezzy is due any day. I am not so sure that she is overdue at this point. Kind of worries me a little. This is her second calf, and I am hoping that it will not be too big to have. And she is kind of my pet! I know I am not supposed to make a pet out of a cow, but she is sooo sweet. At least for me. And I have got her not to head butt when she wants petted. She will gently put her head on my leg sometimes still but she doesn’t always get so rough. Unless the flies are really bothering her. Then she gets kind of pushy.


2016 June 8 This is Jezzy. She should be next to have her calf. Jetta, her Mom is on the other side. She should have her calf last.

Wanita had the first calf. We did finally get close enough to see that it was a bull calf. It has been bouncing around and playing. Now he has three friends to play with. I haven’t yet gotten a video of that.

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (1)

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (2)

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (3)

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (4)

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (5)

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (6)

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (7)

2016 May 21 Wanita was first to have her calf. Bull calf  (8)


Gotta go for now. Going to go to Wetmore, Kansas to the Wetmore Dinner Bell Cafe for chicken dinner. And pay the owner for all the wonderful pies and cobblers she made for the Prairie Pickers this weekend.

Stay Safe and God Bless!



15 responses to “Four Calves Born..Two To Go

  1. WOW you have been busy, it sounds like the food canteen & pie stall were a HUGE success, Moo says thank you for the pictures, they were well worth waiting for 🙂

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  2. Tell Moo, he is most welcome. I have one or two other videos I wanted to put on, but still waiting for it to load onto Youtube. I just got it started loading this morning. My connection is pretty slow right now for uploading.
    The pies and ice cream were a great hit as well as the brats, hamburgers and chili dogs. Lots of hopefully cold drinks and chips. It is a good fund raiser for the Holton Lions Club.


  3. Thank you Roma. I just wish it wasn’t so hot! I really don’t like the heat any more than I like the bitter cold! Hope you are having a great week so far. It is still hot and getting hotter here. And the farrier is coming about mid morning to work on the horses and donkey’s feet. It is supposed to be really hot. Over 100. Hopefully they will cooperate and it won’t take long. 🙂

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  4. Yes, they are Suz, and we are down to about six cows instead of 12 or 13. A much smaller herd and easier to handle. Number 5, Jezzy’s calf was finally born on Tuesday June 14 in the morning. One more due any time and the last one for this year. Hope she doens’t have any trouble. 🙂

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  5. Yay! Glad to hear you didn’t have any trouble with Jezzy’s baby. I know you were worried. Almost done!


  6. We had too much rain a couple months ago. Now we need some again, but are not getting it. Soon I hope. The crops are getting planted and the hay is getting cut, raked and baled. Those fields will need rain soon.
    While I am thinking about it Roma, did your FB account get hacked? I had several FB emails that said I was tagged in a post by you, but can’t get to any pages. And there were several messages about maybe you were hacked. I hope you have it all taken care of. I hope it wasn’t from anything I posted. As far as I know my account is okay. Take care.

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