Don’t Let Your Pet Allergies Keep You From Adopting a Feline Friend | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

An interesting fact about cats I didn’t know. This trivia question from asked:

Allergy sufferers often overlook cats as an option, but which features can make living with a feline possible?

And the answers to choose from were:

A light colored coat, Longer fur, A female cat or ALL of the above.

Not knowing for sure what the answer was, and thinking that surely longer fur wasn’t right, I clicked on A female cat.

And the answer is at the bottom of the post. Did you get it right?

Source: Don’t Let Your Pet Allergies Keep You From Adopting a Feline Friend | The Animal Rescue Site Blog

I used to be allergic to cats, and probably still am a little bit. My allergies have been kicking up a lot this and last year. But then living on a farm with dust, crops and animals of all kinds helped out there. We currently have two female cats, one short haired one Shadow, and a long haired one, Smokey. And an outdoor cat Luke. He gets kind of gross now and then, but Papa feels sorry for him a lot and lets him in at night sometimes. Luke sits on his lap on an old towel that gets washed separately from my good towels. 🙂



I see the towel is missing this time.


And the answer to the question is:

All of the above: Female cats with lighter coats produce fewer allergens, & longer fur helps to keep allergy-causing dander close to the skin.

Have a great rest of the weekend wherever you are.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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