Viral Video: Dog Howls With ‘Zootopia’ Wolves

After this CRAZY, stupid, spoiled brat, election year, and now that the lesser of two evils has been elected, I needed a good laugh. I have never seen Zootopia, but maybe I will have to watch it and see if our dogs will have a howling good time too! Not that they need any help in getting a sing-along going. I will have to get that on video one day. 😀

I hope you all enjoy it too.

In an adorable YouTube video, a German Shepherd howls along with the wolves from the Disney animated movie, ‘Zootopia.’ Watch it here.

Source: Viral Video: Dog Howls With ‘Zootopia’ Wolves

PS-I did vote, but I did not vote for either one of these two. But the one I did vote for didn’t get it. No big surprise there. Either way, I think our country and our President elect and all of the world will need LOTS and LOTS of prayer.

Stay Safe and God Bless!


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