You Know Something is Wrong When………

This morning we were going to meet with my cousin from New Mexico for breakfast in Topeka. I thought we were already kind of running a little late. I thought we were supposed to be there at 8am. Tom thought 8:30. I checked my note right before 8 and it did say 8:30. Oh well, I went out to finally open the chicken pen while Tom finished getting ready. Then I decided to take a quick peek at the horses and donkey, and check their water supply before we left. As I walked toward the pen, the sun was kind of in my eyes. I looked harder and NO HORSES! NO DONKEY! No! I walked quicker to the pen and looked all around the pen and paddock. Nope no equines in site. Now I am upset and thinking someone stole them or let them out. I started checking gates. First two are still closed and chained. Okay. Third gate; open!

This gate is a wooden gate and thankfully leads to an open area where it is bordered by hot wires. It also leads to the pasture. I am now a little calmer as my mini and donkey are in view. Still can’t see the other three big ones. Now I am happier, but still kind of in a snit since now I have to take time to get the ATV and go round them up.

Tom was now in the truck and ready to go, so I have to tell him to get out again. The funny thing about the wooden gate being open is that it is stilled chained to the post, but it has been taken off the hinges and that is how the beasties got out. And I am pretty sure that one of these beasties is why:



or Ace


Tom had sold all of his cows earlier. Somewhere between late September and mid October, I think. These two bulls are the borrowed bulls from our friends. They will come and get them sometime in December probably.

I suspect it was Eli who lifted the gate from it’s hinges. He has shown the most interest in the horses since Tom opened the pasture up to let them have some change in grazing. He stands by the gate and watches me pet the horses and donkey and rubs his head on everything. Including the gate post. I have seen cows and even calves pick up a portable fence panel and crawl under it. We have had one get away from being loaded in the trailer that way. It would not be hard for either of the bulls to pick up the gate with those big heads!

So back to the round up. It is a good thing that the horses know when I am on the ATV and tell them it is time to go in, they go. They do like to play a catch me if you can game now and then. And they know I can on the ATV. They turned, kicked and ran all the way back to the pen. Jenny, my donkey joined them at the pasture gate. Tuffy my mini trotted a little way and then slowed back to a walk. I followed slowly and let him go at his own pace. He is an old man and I didn’t want to pusht him. He is about 28 and that is getting old for a horse.

Tom was waiting at the now replaced gate and keeping the others in while we came up. He moved a one of my horse panels across the space so the bulls couldn’t get so close again, and we still made it for breakfast in good time. I was ready for some coffee!

The wooden gate now back on it’s hinge pins. november-26-this-gate-was-off-its-hinges-and-horses-were-gone-i-think-one-of-the-bulls-is-to-blame-horses-and-jenny-were-out-in-or-by-the-pasture-1

The extra panel on far side next to the shed.


And the bulls are back this afternoon.



Stay Safe and God Bless!


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