I had always heard that bulls like to push and rub on EVERYTHING! And they do. They not only push each other around, they like to take gates off hinges and rub their big heads and bodies on everything.




This was an old trailer that we bought to use for my very first chicken house. It served me well for the first few years until Tom built the new one and had siding put on it. We still use that one today. Tom had been saying, (for years) that he wanted to take it apart and make a wagon out of the running gear. He has been putting it off for years, and I have been wanting to get rid of it for years. I think the bulls are telling us it is time for it to go.

The newer chicken house in the old dog pen. And the chickens do like to stay in the dog house now and then.


We still have the two bulls we used for breeding. Even though the cows are now all gone, we agreed to keep them until the owner can come and get them around, or after Christmas. Mostly they are not a problem.  One has been kind of grumpy lately. We can usually move them out of our way simply by just walking behind them and waving our arms to move them along. Eli, has decided he wanted to challenge our right to do so.  I even tried to move along with the ATV while Tom got the gate. He challenged the ATV. We left him alone to get out of the pen by himself.

They have both moved back into the horse pen since I turned the horses out a couple days ago. I wanted them to have access to the trees and the two sheds since it was going to be so bitter cold this past weekend. The bulls came in from the trees and the horses and donkey went out to the trees. At least they are all upright and mobile.

Well, I guess I should go get Christmas cards ready. I am running late on that. As usual. 🙂

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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