The calendar says it is fall, but since we have had to bundle up and wear layers, I think it may be winter instead. When I look and feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and probably waddle like him, I know it is COLD!

This morning was the first time in several days that the sun has shined. We have had a lot of cold wind and freezing rain on Friday, then snow on top of that yesterday and last night.  Only got about 1-2 inches, but that is enough for me. The temperature this morning was -3 degrees. And that didn’t include any wind chill.




It is a beautiful world out there, but it has it’s hidden dangers. As usual I did not sleep very good last night, so I was sleeping late when Tom came in to wake me and said he fell getting firewood. He had gone out to the building to get the wood and slipped on the ice coming in the garage door. He said he cut his arm and felt light headed. Didn’t take me long to get up. He had a small opened place on his right arm just above the wrist. It looked like more than a “cut”. You could see a small hole and a little white that I think was fat, or something. It wasn’t bleeding. It wasn’t deep, but I think it needed stitching, but he didn’t want to get out on the roads. I asked if he hit his head, but he said he didn’t think so. He thought the light headedness was maybe because he jarred himself falling. I couldn’t feel or see any swelling or blood, so I am thinking he is right. Since he refused to go have the “cut” looked at, I put a lot of Triple Antibiotic on it and covered it with a big bandage. He said if it was not looking good tomorrow, he would got. I am praying it won’t get infected. It is supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow and the roads have been treated the last couple days. He did lay down for awhile and feels better. He is up and around.

Hope everyone is doing well and hoping the weather is not too treacherous wherever you are.

Stay Safe and God Bless!



  1. It did warm up a bit and is supposed to be in the 60s on Christmas Day! Kansas weather, if you don’t like it, wait it will change. Tom is doing okay. He still refuses to have it looked at, but it is sealing up and looking good.
    You have a Merry Christmas too. Hugs and holiday kisses.


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