9/11, A Memory

Wild Horse Education

memorial_02 A 9/11 Memory; Rosie (center) during roundup at Sheldon USFWS. She gave birth right after being run.

NOTE from Leigh: Today is an important memory for our country, for wild horses and for me personally. I wanted to spend this morning writing a relevant and engaging piece. I have been on the phone all morning. I am trying to catch up on all the questions and requests for guidance that hit my inbox and voicemail. So the piece I had hoped to write took a back seat to conversations where people are not asking “Where do I click and send? but instead are asking “How can I become an effective advocate?”

WHE will be doing an online course that covers policy, protocol, challenges and opportunities, etc. We will begin the creation of a website soon.

So join me in a “memory” that honors a horse.

This one isn’t just…

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