An “UnAdoptable” Story

Love all equines! The BLM is supposed to take care of these animals. Wish I could adopt them all. Or at least buy lots and lots of land to turn them loose on.

Wild Horse Education

sc_adoption_016 Yearlings at trap site adoption event, Stone Cabin 2012

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) citizen Advisory Board made a recommendation late last week that the agency kill about 44,000 wild horses in holding facilities that have been deemed “unadoptable” (this was voted for by all but one board member). They also passed, unanimously, that BLM fast track horses in the adoption program so they become deemed “three strikes,” or unadoptable faster than currently happens.

We know that the public is a bit “crazy” about this recommendation. We want to remind the public that the board has no legal authority, makes no policy and that every action that the BLM takes must pass a litany of hurdles (most of them litigable) prior to any actual action.

However one of the primary functions of this board, perhaps the only real function, is to hear the views of the American public. So…

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