Yesterday, Tuesday May 16 I was having a slow and quiet morning as I was waiting to go to my TOPS meeting at 1pm. I am this year’s new leader of the group. I like to get there a little early to kind of go through things before our group starts to show up, and like to leave anywhere from 12-12:30. About 11:30am I was looking at some of my blogging information and seen the date. May 16. May 16, what is important about that date? Something is going on today, but what? I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I was going to look at the calendar and see what I had written down, if anything.

Then it hit me. It was our wedding anniversary! Not only did Tom forget our anniversary, but so did I! Wow! I started to laugh out loud and thought, we have been together so long, we forgot our day. 19 years. We have been married 19 years. And if you add the 13 years we have been together before we were married, that is a long time. 32 years. Wow, no wonder we forgot! 😀

Tom was outside in the Morton building when I was ready to leave, so I walked out to the building, kissed him and said; Happy Anniversary! I get this doubtful look and he says, If you say so. I laughed again and told him the date. He smiles, kisses me again and says Happy Anniversary. He was probably glad he wasn’t in trouble because he forgot. How can I be mad if I forgot too? 😀 Love my husband.

Stay Safe and God Bless!

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